“We wanted to learn some basic French so that when we visited the country, we could speak a little of the native language.  We wanted to be able to order our food in a restaurant or ask where the train station was. Alexa has helped us do that and so much more! In the time that we have been having lessons with Alexa our French speaking, reading and writing has come on leaps and bounds. We are so much more confident at speaking French on our holidays now and we are able to hold basic conversations with the gite owners when we holiday there.”

“Alexa has so much enthusiasm for teaching French that you can’t help but enjoy every lesson.  She is always well organised and uses a mix of resources to engage us in learning in different ways.  She not only teaches the spoken and written language but explains the grammar too, helping you understand why words and sentences are put together in French. Learning French the Alexa way has and continues to be formidable!”