“I have been taking French classes with Alexa for almost two years and in that time, I feel that my French has really improved. I previously did French many years ago at school and college but was very rusty. After two years of classes with Alexa I would say that my French is now better than it ever was. I can hold a conversation as well as write on a reasonably wide range of subjects and can also now listen to French radio and follow what is being discussed. Alexa makes sure that there are a good range of activities and exercises to help me develop in all areas. We have covered quite technical areas of grammar, e.g. the subjunctive, and with her help and relevant exercises it has really helped my comprehension and understanding of this tricky area. Most of all though Alexa’s style of teaching is lovely – she is patient and encouraging and gets a good balance between making me feel like I’m improving but challenging me with things I’m less comfortable with.”