“I started classes with Alexa back in 2013, I lacked confidence in my French language skills and had tried other classes previously that felt too generic. When I came across Alexa’s webpage, I liked the sound of her approach and decided to give learning French one last try. Alexa’s classes are tailored to your individual needs, you discuss things that are relevant to you, your interests and learn practical ways to use your language skills.”

“Whilst studying with Alexa my confidence in speaking has grown and I can hold full conversations in French, I can talk about a range of topics and the more I talk the more vocab I collect! Learning over 1000 words in conversation. I have also mastered some difficult grammar at A1/2 levels and understand and keep up with spoken French when watching TV and when visiting family.”

“As well as building classes to meet the needs of the individual, Alexa also responds well to your progress, developing activities to challenge you, introducing a new topic or learning resource to keep the classes interesting and to help feel a sense of achievement and progress which has lead me to feel confidant to talk with family, to watch more French TV and try to think about everyday things in French to keep building my confidence.”