“I came across Alexa’s advert in late 2014 when I was looking for a new challenge. Learning a language properly from scratch was something I always wanted to do but I was really nervous about taking a class, especially a one to one lesson. I remember my first lesson with Alexa and her very welcoming and easy-going personality really put me at ease and made me wish I’d started sooner. It is March 2018 now and I’ve had a lesson just about every week since. Alexa is happy to customise the lessons in whatever way works for each student and incorporate any extra materials you come across. She has persuaded me to keep up with all areas of spoken and written language even when sometimes I didn’t want to! I’ve made good progress in all areas and I feel that I’ve gained a really solid foundation and in-depth understanding of the language. I’ve been to the country a couple of times since starting my lessons and it was very rewarding to be able to spend nights in bars talking to the locals and my travel companions were quite impressed and envious! If you want to learn any of the languages that Alexa teaches, then I would encourage you to take the leap right now and you will be glad you did.”