“Alexa has been fantastic to work with and she has made learning French an enjoyable experience! I have tried learning on my own through various apps, but there is no substitute for taking lessons with someone who can explain the structure of the language in an understandable way. We started our lessons before I moved to France around 2 years ago, and we continued online after the move here, so you don’t need to live close-by to benefit from Alexa’s tuition. Thanks to our lessons, it has been much easier transitioning to our new life in France and I have made tremendous progress with the language from the basic knowledge I had at the start. Alexa has lots of great suggestions, resources and activities to support with learning, and one of the most helpful for me in improving my comprehension and growing my confidence with the language has been practicing transcribing French audio’s. I would highly recommend Alexa as a tutor – she is supportive, knowledgeable and engaging!”