When undertaking lessons with me, I have a few terms and conditions that I will ask you to abide by. These are set out below. Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully, as by undertaking lessons with me, you are deemed to accept these Terms and Conditions in their entirety. If you have any questions about my Terms and Conditions, don’t hesitate to send me a message at alexa@nakedfrench.online.


All payments must be made by bank transfer immediately after the lesson. To minimise any adminstration, you are also welcome to pay for multiple lessons in advance.

Trial Lessons

Trial lessons last for one hour and include a 30 minute assessment of your level.


You are ofcourse welcome to take holiday. Simply let me know the week before that you will not be able to attend.

Missed Payments

For the first missed payment, don’t worry, these things happen. Simply pay me as soon as you realise the error. For any further missed payments, I charge an administration fee of £10.

Missing Trial Lesson

If you miss a trial lesson, we can rearrange for an alternative time. However, if you miss two trial lessons, any future trial will be charged at my standard rate.

Changing Times

You can generally change a lesson up to 72 hours before the lesson is due to start. After that, it is unlikely I will be able to find a time slot for you.

Missing Lessons

All lessons are non-refundable and as such, if you are unwell, busy, forget or are simply tired, you will still be charged for the lesson.


I will wait for 20 minutes after the starting time of the lesson. After this period, the lesson will be too short to be productive. Please be aware, if you are late, the lesson will still need to finish on time. This is because I will have another student afterwards, so it simply won’t be possible to add on extra time at the end. On the rare occasions that I am running late, I will contact to let you know as soon as possible. If I am able to, I will make up for lost time or, more likely, it can be added on to the next lesson.

Stopping Lessons

To cancel your lessons, simply give me call and let me know. I will then send you confirmation in writing for your records.