“Alexa has been teaching French to the children at the York Montessori Nursery since October 2016. The children love her lessons and look forward to them each week. Alexa has such an enthusiastic, energetic and caring approach to the children and the lessons really engage their interest. The children are able to involve their whole body in the lessons through singing, movement games, role playing and group games. Alexa is extremely adaptable in following the children’s interests, spontaneously changing the lessons depending on what they want. Also, Alexa always tailors the lessons to meet our current learning themes whether it be seasons or even Vikings!! The feedback from parents is wonderful as we hear from them what kind of words the children have been using at home in French and I see this also during the Nursery days as what they have learnt often comes up in play between the children. Alexa is always extremely patient and understands that with children this age, things may not always go as planned! She’ll always revise it for the next lesson so that the learning continues. We are very lucky to have her and the children benefit so much.”